Choosing Cemeteries in Kansas City, KS

Thinking about final resting places for your future needs or that of a loved one may be on your mind for many reasons. Perhaps you are working through prearrangement planning to secure final affairs, or death is looming for yourself or someone close to you. Or maybe someone among your acquaintance has passed away, and you have had the opportunity to see where they were laid to rest. As you begin choosing a final resting place for whatever reason, the cemeteries in Kansas City, KS, offer some wonderful options.

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Full-Service Cemeteries in Kansas City, KS, Offer Many Burial and Disposition Solutions

A full-service funeral home establishment offers many service options to help those making death care arrangements. These arrangements can be made before death, or they may be designed "at need." In either case, working with a comprehensive funerary business can open up your options and simplify the process, keeping all final arrangements coordinated through one provider you trust. Some funeral homes also offer connections to a sister cemetery which can further reduce external scheduling factors.


A well-established and varied burial ground will often give you various placement solutions. Traditional burial options allow families to choose the comfort of modern conveniences and the comfort of what seems familiar in a time of uncertainty and grief. Earth burial, complete with caskets and outer burial containers to protect the remains during and after interment, is a standard option for many families to choose. Embalming the remains is optional for those seeking ground burial in traditional plots.


Natural burial typically means that the least invasive procedures and containments are used to return the body to the earth for natural decomposition. Some cemeteries offer exclusive areas for these options, while others accommodate as they can. Because of regulations and establishment rules, a complete natural burial may not be possible in every burial setting within a cemetery. For example, some areas may require external burial containers such as burial vaults or grave liners to avoid large sinkholes and settling after burial.


For those who find earthen burial off-putting or unwelcome, consider finding final disposition space within a mausoleum. This could be inside a building or a free-standing structure. These structures are designed to receive deceased remains, sealed into individual crypts accessed above ground. Many mausoleums offer spaces one by one, resulting in many persons who were unrelated in life being entombed nearby one another. If you prefer to keep family together, you may commission or purchase a private mausoleum for only those you wish to have buried nearby.


In many cemeteries in Kansas City, KS, it is common and appropriate to have a chapel service. This means you hold services of some type at the graveside. Of course, these could be part of larger funerary packages and events, or you could have the entirety of the honoring ceremony at the gravesite. Chapel services offer that reality-affirming moment for grieving loved ones by seeing the casket, grave, and setting. This ceremony can be a valuable part of working through loss and heavy grief for surviving family and loved ones.


Cremation is another beautiful solution to care for the deceased that may open up additional flexibility for final placement options. In cremation, the part of the body that is subject to decomposition is incinerated at high heat temperatures in a fully secured furnace chamber. The tissues that remain (the hardest elements of the bone structures) can then be granularized into the format called "ashes." These ashes may be buried (above or below the earth), scattered in a poignant outdoor setting (such as a cremation garden in a cemetery or other beloved nature spot), or kept close to home in a displayable urn.


No Good Options for Redoing Death Care

Unfortunately, whether or not the death is expected, the deceased's body must be cared for and laid to rest reasonably quickly after expiration. Some processes can extend the acceptable timelines, but decisions about the types of preparation and solutions will need to be made immediately. The main reason this can feel unfortunate is that those tasked with making these decisions may be reeling with shock and grief. However, this isn't something that can reasonably be done again when you are more clear-headed.


This immediacy is one reason to choose a reputable and comprehensive funeral home and provider to support you through the death care planning and resolution process. By working with a transparent full-service provider, you can quickly learn your options for body preparation and the timing of events and choose the final resting place.


Why Choose Maple Hill Funeral Home & Cemetery?

The professionals at Maple Hill Funeral Home & Cemetery have access to many types of death care preparation and solutions, including a tranquil and inviting burial space amongst the cemeteries in Kansas City, KS. This park-like setting offers beauty, solitude, and a sacred space to remember your beloved. Come and see this beautifully maintained establishment today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make arrangements for cemetery services?Choosing a cemetery is the first step in making arrangements for cemetery services. Factors to consider include location, cost, and type of services offered. Once a cemetery has been chosen, selecting a funeral home should be the next step as they will coordinate with the cemetery and provide transportation on service day.  The date and time for the service must also be determined taking into account the availability of family members who may attend.  Finally, payment arrangements need to be made as costs can become significant; many funeral homes offer payment plans that can help make it more manageable financially.
  • What is the simplest funeral you can have?A direct burial means that the body is taken straight to the cemetery or crematorium after death, without having any service beforehand. This type of funeral is becoming more popular because it is cheaper and more convenient. All you need is a container for the body and enough money to pay for transport and other possible fees like cemetery fees, disposal fees, or permit fees. This can save you thousands of dollars compared to more traditional funerals with viewings and memorial services.
  • What are some tips for planning ahead?Taking time to plan ahead is a responsible and loving way of providing for your family in the event something unfortunate happens. Writing down wishes, creating an emergency plan, and researching health coverage are all ways to ensure peace of mind knowing you've taken steps toward securing their future. Additionally, it's wise not to forget about planning financially for end-of-life costs associated with funerals or burials as well. Read more...