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At Maple Hill Funeral Home & Cemetery, we offer a caring and dignified atmosphere for families to celebrate the remarkable legacies of their departed loved ones. Founded in 1865, we strive to serve everyone by providing respectful funeral and cremation services in Lenexa, KS and the nearby area that honor your family’s unique story with compassion and grace. No matter how painful this time may be, let us help ensure that the memory of your beloved will never fade; call today at (913) 831-3345 to start making arrangements or learn more about what we are able to provide during these difficult times.

For many of us, saying goodbye to a loved one through death is not something we ever "get used to" or are familiar with. Even if we have been through this type of loss before, we haven't faced it with this particular person or circumstance. One of the most important ways to support yourself if meeting an urgent planning need surrounding a funeral and cremation in Lenexa, KS, is to find a comprehensive provider of death care services. Find trusted professionals to care for your decedent and support you and other grieving family members through such a vulnerable time.


Look for a provider with a broad range of industry experience represented within their licensed experts and services. Find out who is recommended amongst your acquaintances and close associates. Seek published reviews and testimonials from clients who have shared their feedback and experiences after working with the available funeral home establishments. If you have questions, get the firm's answers directly, and choose the best fit.

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Choosing Death Care Arrangements Related to a Funeral and Cremation in Lenexa, KS

Each funeral home may have slightly different approaches to handling death care needs and interfacing with surviving family members. Once the deceased's body has been released to the care of the funeral director and team, the family will be invited to schedule an arrangement conference as soon as they feel ready to have it. This meeting will serve as a place to learn about available options and select desired services.


Whether you are looking for simple or elaborate solutions, customizing death care to meet your family's specific needs is an essential part of the goodbye process. There isn't a best or right way to complete final arrangements. The deceased's wishes or preplans should be considered and balanced with the desires of the closest surviving relative(s). One of the first decisions that must be made involves how you want the remains placed in the end. There can be multiple ways to get there, but beginning with the end in mind can help to guide the planning process.


For example, suppose you know that scattering cremated ashes in a meaningful location is the final goal. However, you also know that a traditional funeral would benefit the closest grieving loved ones. You can work with a full-service firm to achieve both funeral and cremation in Lenexa, KS. All funerary options are typically possible in this scenario. After the funerary events are completed, the body may be taken to the crematorium instead of the cemetery.


Comprehensive Cemetery Options Facilitate Custom Disposition Solutions

One element that is often needed for final disposition solutions is a cemetery. If Grandpa wants a traditional burial and Grandma hopes to be cremated, they can be buried very close together in a common grave whenever the time comes for each of them to be laid to rest. If possible, go with a comprehensive cemetery with options for various disposition arrangements. You can select the best for the decedent and the family.


Burial of full-sized casketed remains can take place above or below ground. Earthen plots receive caskets of all sizes. Entombing the remains in a mausoleum is also a great option if you'd like to avoid ground burial. Mausoleum structures are buildings or free-standing walls that house individual compartments and crypts for the deceased remains. These are filled one at a time, appropriately sealed, and marked afterward. Some mausoleums are designed for smaller groups, such as families, who wish to be buried together when the time comes.


Cremated remains are much smaller than full-sized bodies and can be buried above or below ground. Urn plots receive these condensed remains in approved burial containers. Mausoleums or columbarium structures may be equipped with cremation niches- small sealing compartments to hold the ashen remains above ground securely. Cemeteries may also offer space in outdoor cremation gardens where the cremated body could be scattered over the earth in a picturesque and sacred setting.


Chapel services can be customized to whatever you and your family may need. It is possible to hold a chapel service at the cemetery as part of a complete funerary package or as a stand-alone honoring ceremony at the graveside. Chapel services can help to streamline events if you need to simplify. They can also be an artful capstone on final services after a procession brings the events to the cemetery for a committal service.


See the Difference an Experienced Firm Can Offer

Over the last half-century, the family-owned Maple Hill Funeral Home & Cemetery has served client families with all their death care needs surrounding a funeral and cremation in Lenexa, KS. The cemetery has historical roots dating back well over a century and has been carefully preserved while embracing modern burial solutions to meet the needs of all families. Call us for a tour of our facilities and grounds or to begin the arrangements process.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I pay for a funeral?Funerals come with a variety of price tags, but fortunately, there are multiple ways to make them more manageable. Whether it be cash, check, or credit card - families have options when looking at how to pay for their funeral expenses. In today's market, most funeral homes expect payment in full up-front; yet some may offer an installment plan if desired. Learn more!
  • How do I find a cemetery service provider?It is important to understand the different types of services provided by cemetery service providers. These might include burial plots, headstones or monuments, installation services, funeral directors or monument builders, and floral arrangements for gravesites. To find a reputable cemetery service provider, you could ask family members or friends if they have experience with these services in the past. Alternatively, an online search should return local listings with customer reviews that can help narrow down potential choices. Professional organizations like ICMSA provide comprehensive directories that list accredited funeral homes near you along with contact numbers and cost information on each type of service offered.
  • What are the benefits of pre-planning a funeral?Pre-planning a funeral ahead of time can save you money and help you make decisions when you are not feeling emotional. By pre-planning, you can compare prices between vendors or funeral homes. It can help you get the outcomes that you want at an affordable cost. Pre-need funerals also provide less tangible benefits than just saving money; planning now ensures that those grieving don't have any additional stress from making important decisions amidst emotional turmoil later on, which can help bring closure during this trying period after death has occurred.