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Payment Options

One issue that can and does affect arranging funeral services is the cost factor involved. We offer a variety of services, caskets and outer burial containers that you can select from that will satisfy your needs and stay within your budget. Our first concern is to provide a dignified and meaningful service despite the cost. While we are not the least expensive funeral home in the area, we are far from the most expensive.

We believe that our prices are very reasonable for the quality of service that you receive.

Expense Categories

When you begin making funeral arrangements you will find there are four primary expense categories.

They are:


The fees for professional services, embalming, cosmetic preparation of body, facilities, tansportation, etc. See General Price List for complete details


We have 32 of the most popular to view on our floor. 16 metals and 16 wood. If you don't see what your looking for we have a full catalog to choose from. It's always your choice.  See General Price List for complete details


Casket protection. Most cemeteries require a minimum. We have displays for view. Often the vault is painted to match the casket. See General Price List for complete details.


These are items such as the obituary, certified copies of death, clergy, cemetery expenses,flowers, etc. These items can be be added to your contract and paid by the funeral home on your behalf, without charge for your convenience.

In an effort to keep the cost of funeral services as reasonable as possible, we have designed burial service groupings and cremation service groupings that represent a substantial savings.

Payment Options

We also offer three different payment options as well. They are:

Cash or Check Payment Prior To The Service

Unfortunately, we as with most every other funeral & cemetery business it has come to this. Because of more & more bad debt, we are forced to implement this policy. It's just not fair to raise prices to the people who do pay because of the ones who don't. This is why we stress Pre-Planning or Life Insurance.

Life Insurance Assignment

Because of slower paying insurance companies, (Often 45 - 90 days and more) HIPPA laws that make verifying policies before services almost impossible and very time consuming for our directors whose main focus should be on the family. We use a company called Express Funeral Funding. They make your insurance proceeds available for your use within 24 - 48 hours of receiving the policy information. Not only will they make funds available for the funeral home charges, but any amount up to the full policy amount. Maybe you don't want to wait up to 90 days or longer for your proceeds. Their fee for this service is $35.00 per $1000.00 needed. We offer this as a convenience for our families to get access to their insurance proceeds immediately.   

MasterCard, Visa or Discover Credit Cards

For pricing information, please call, come by, E-mail us or feel free to examine and print 

our General Price List.