Local Grief Support

This is a list of some of the local grief resources. Please use these resources if you or someone in your family is in need. Everyone's experience with grief is different. It is very important that you and your family understand that grief is real and often takes the help of professionals to help you through. There is no shame in asking for help after, all this is a tremendous loss and you now need to take care of your well being.

If you know or recommend a local grief support service that is not on this list, please contact us and we would be happy to add them as a resource.

Coping with Loss During the Holidays

Many hospice houses offer free events and seminars throughout the year. Visit the links below to view some of their events and resources offered.

Loss of a Spouse

Loss in General

Loss through Homicide

Loss through AIDs

  • National Hotline for Surviving Friends and Relatives of AIDS Victims(800) 342-2437

Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Loss of a Child or Sibling

Grieving Services for Youth

Loss of a Child to Cancer

Loss of a Child through Homicide